How Professionals Tackle Home Deep Cleaning Projects

Are you having a tough time cleaning your property? The problem might lie with your cleaning equipment or your strategy. Deep cleaning is a process that tends to start out well but often ends in disaster when you are just too tired to finish what you started. If you want to effectively clean your home then it is best to draw some inspiration from professionals. 

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Home

The deep cleaning process can be exhausting and overwhelming. Luckily, this isn’t something you need to do every week or even every month. Experts believe that you only need to deep clean your home twice a year. The time you choose to deep clean your home also doesn’t matter as long as the cleaning sessions are about six months apart. 

Spring cleaning has become a tradition because this is a good way to air out your home and get everything nice and clean after being huddled up indoors for so long. You might, however, prefer to deep clean your home at the start of summer and the start of winter since this can be a good time to prepare your home for the change of climate. During your deep cleaning session, you can switch to more suitable bedding, and curtains and re-arrange your wardrobe so seasonal clothing items will be easier to access.

How Professionals Perform a Home Deep Clean

Professional house cleaners have lots of strategies that help them get through a deep cleaning process more effectively and yield better results. Here are some of the best strategies that experts often rely on.

The One-Room-At-A-Time Approach

Doing a little bit here and there can quickly become overpowering and will create a feel that the project isn’t going anywhere. Professionals will usually take on one room at a time and deep clean it from top to bottom before moving on to the next. This done-and-dusted approach can be quite rewarding since you can see your progress as you work. The method also avoids the risk of missing spots or cleaning chores. 

Start With Declutter and Putting Away

Before cleaners get to cleaning, they will first declutter the entire room by putting everything back where it belongs. Tidying up before deep cleaning clears spaces so deep cleaning can be carried out with ease.

Work From Top To Bottom

Working your way up from the ground is a waste of time. For example, washing the ceiling after your floors have been deep cleaned will cause spills all over floors that are already clean. It is always best to start up high on the ceiling, walls, trimmings, and baseboards. These surfaces are dusted and cleaned using microfiber mops or dusters with telescopic handles. 

Once the higher areas have been cleaned, it is time to move on to an eye-level height. Counters, desks, and wall decorations are properly cleaned and disinfected along with the rest of the wall. The cleaning process then moves downward to furniture pieces. The floors are usually left for last so you can deep clean them without having to step over your floors again. 

Hire Professionals To Deep Clean Your Home

Deep cleaning is a large-scale project that involves a lot of technique, time, specialised cleaning products and proper cleaning equipment. If you don’t have the time to deep clean your property then it is best to hire residential house cleaners like Smurfette’s Cleaning Services. Our company mainly focuses on residential cleaning and prioritises health and hygiene. With our help, your home will be cleaned from top to bottom so you can enjoy a safe, clean, and healthy living environment.

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